“My wife and I started looking for a survival swimming program following the near-drowning of our oldest son when he was 3. Our pediatrician recommended Swim Babies Swim. We have since put all three of our sons through the program and not only recommend it, but see it as our responsibility to introduce as many parents as we can to the course. I can’t imagine life if our experience had turned out differently. Our boys are all capable, confident swimmers. This confidence has made it much easier to teach them other water skills such as snorkeling. Jimmy is now 7 and Tristan is 5. The youngest, Zachary, is 2 and will attend a refresher course this summer. Anyone concerned with having their children learn the skills necessary to survive until help arrives should attend this program. Blue skies!”

Jarrod and Mary, Davie FL

“The manner in which I discovered Tracey’s swim survival program is a true testament to its effectiveness. My family and I were swimming at my friend’s pool and her 16 month old was walking right next to the shallow end when he slipped and feel into the pool. He immediately flipped onto his back and calmly and happily floated around the shallow end of the pool. After a few minutes of floating, he flipped himself over and swam to the edge of the pool. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed. The child’s mother gave me Tracy’s information and my son (3 1/2 at the time), began Tracy’s swimming program a few weeks later and I was amazed as his progress. While he was reluctant to float and swim on his own at first, after approx. 6 weeks in the program, he was able to float on his back and swim to safety from anywhere in the pool. After a refresher course the following summer, I am proud to say that he won the Best Swimmer Award for his age group at his summer camp. Both of us are very proud of his accomplishments and he has developed a true love for swimming. My daughter (2 at the time) participated in the swim survival program last summer with the same results. While she was also reluctant at first, her pride and accomplishment after learning how to float and swim to safety on her own was worth the enduring the first few weeks of tears. Whenever people see my kids swim whether we are on vacation, at the beach, or at the pool, they are amazed at how confident they are in the water and how they can swim so well on their own. I have recommended Tracey’s swim program countless times and will continue to recommend it to all families
with babies or young children.”

Robyn, Davie FL

“I enrolled Evan in the survival swimming class for the obvious reasons. But my main concern was if he ever fell into a pool he’d know
what to do. I didn’t actually think at two years old, he’d really "learn" to swim. He was literally swimming by the end of the summer. He spent that entire summer in the water. Not only did he love swimming, but he couldn’t get enough of it. Always wanting to swim, jump in and play in the water. He was swimming one afternoon at a community pool with friends. I noticed the water level was abnormally low in the pool, but didn’t think much of it; Until Evan tried to swim to the edge. The water was about a foot lower than the top of the
wall. When Evan reached the wall, I saw him begin to struggle. His arm couldn’t reach the top of the wall. As I started to dart over to him, he flipped onto his back and said, "Mommy I need help!" That incident just reaffirmed my decision to enroll him in survival swimming. It was worth every penny I spent on his lessons. There is no way you could put a price tag on a child learning how to swim. Evan is almost four now and still swimming like a fish. This is a program
for ALL children. Not only did Ms. Tracey teach my son to swim, she gave him the confidence he needs to be safe in the water.”