Tips for Parents

  • Please do not feed your child within 1 hour of lessons/2 hours for dairy products.
  • Children not potty trained should wear a swim diaper; the reusable ones are the most effective.
  • It is important to have your child dressed and ready to swim at the appointed time. Your child’s lesson may be shortened or subject to cancellation should you arrive late. Regular lesson fees will apply.
  • Parents can best assist in their child’s lessons by being positive and giving lots of encouragement and praise.
  • Please call us if you are uncertain about possible inclement weather conditions, such as lightning. Weather days will be made up. Ph# 954-292-3845
  • Sicknesses are an unfortunate occurrence and we will try to make-up days whenever possible, however, they will be made-up according to openings in our schedule not necessarily at your regular scheduled time.

Once your child has attained certain skills, we will show you proper ways to swim with your child that can enhance their learning and maintain correct form. Therefore, please do not attempt to copy what you see your instructor doing during lessons with your child. What appears easy can actually be very complicated and will only cause your child to become confused. It may also lengthen the course of their lessons.



  1. CONSTANT adult supervision by an adult who knows how to swim
  2. Childproof locks on all doors leading to water
  3. Gate or fence surrounding water
  4. Gate or fence is self-closing with a lock
  5. Pool cover is in use
  6. Alarms for doors and windows leading to pool are activated
  7. Child has completed swim lessons
  8. Above-ground pool stairs removed when pool not in use
  9. Lifesaving equipment in pool area
  10. Pool chemicals and supplies are locked in a secure area
  11. Child is watched in bathtub at all times
  12. No toys left in and around pool area
  13. During pool parties and beach gatherings delegate an adult that knows how to swim to watch children at all times
  14. Parent and / or caregiver know CPR