Instructor Sara

My name is Sara Dama and I am a Certified Swim Babies Swim instructor with additional certifications in CPR and First Aid.

In 2008, I moved to Nassau, Bahamas and I now have the opportunity to be by the ocean every day.

As my love for the ocean continued and I enjoyed my life in Nassau, I became a mother.  I knew that I would naturally pass on my love of the water and swimming to my daughters.

Living very close to the ocean, my first concern was that my daughter be able to survive should she fall into the water. I investigated programs that teach survival swimming and came upon Swim Babies Swim, which is based in Florida. The program is one of the premier programs available and the only program in Nassau with a certified instructor.

After my daughter completed the program, I felt called to become a certified instructor myself.  I knew that I could put to good use my love of swimming and my love for children if I learned how to teach these survival skills. I then pursued the extensive training of the program under the guidance of Tracey Smith, who is the original developer and founder of the Swim Babies Swim program. This program was fully accredited and approved by the Florida Department of Health in 2008.

Each year it is required that I undergo a recertification, of which I am up to date and current.

I know I have a great amount of enthusiasm, energy and love of swimming that I would love to share with your children. No child should ever fear the water.