Course Overview

Time slots are booked on a weekly basis.

Infants and children under 24 months
Lessons for infants and children under 24 months are up to 10 minutes in duration and are scheduled 3x per week.

Children 24 Months and older
Lessons for children 24 months and older are up to 15 minutes in duration and are scheduled
3 x per week.

Skills are taught through many repetitions and gentle presentations into the water. The private lesson allows the instructor to work exclusively with your child, individualizing the lesson according to your child’s specific needs. It will take approximately 8-10 weeks to accomplish these skills.

Skills Evaluation Fully Clothed
Students will first learn skills in swimsuits and/or swim diapers (required for those infants not yet potty trained). Once sufficient skill level is achieved, testing of these skills will be performed while fully clothed. This gives the child the feeling of what it can actually be like falling into the water with their clothes on.

Refresher Lessons
Refresher lessons are recommended for the first few years until these skills are stabilized. It usually takes from 2-3 weeks to refresh these skills.